ring the alarm*

*yes, I admit to having a fair amount of Beyoncé on my iPod. Hush. Don't pretend like you didn't jump up to dance when "Single Ladies" came on.

Unrelated to Ms. Sasha Fierce: gorgeous jewels that I covet. I've been wearing a lot of cocktail rings lately (cheap baubles entice me!), and though these could be "cheap" to some people, I tend not to spend much on jewelry, so they qualify as "major splurge" to me.

But truly, how gorgeous and amazing are these Carlee Santarelli lace rings?
Why yes, I am a magpie.


Fanya6 said...

Isn't "Ring the Alarm" from Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty"? I'm just saying....

nadarine said...

Fanya: I was thinking more http://tinyurl.com/menpl5 and less lyrics-reference. I will never doubt your knowledge of Christina Aguilera singles, however.