true blue

It's a little more demure than normal, I suppose- the dress is the main component of my Lucille Ball Halloween costume, after all- but the parents are visiting this weekend and I'd really rather not get into a passive-aggressive conversation about the appropriate amount of leg and/or cleavage to show.

Blue wrap dress, Forever 21; belt and camisole so no one is inadvertently
exposed to any untoward cleavage, Target; shoes, Kenneth Cole.

I'm going to have to retire the "stop dressing like an undergrad" tag soon enough, as I will be scooting away from college campuses in the v near future. "You're inching closer to 30, so make an effort", perhaps? "Grown-up drag"? "If you wore it to a rave in 2000, please don't wear it again"?


The Domina said...

Oooh, I love it! And congrats on being done with school!

mrs.j said...

i like grown-up drag. ever since i heard that phrase i think about it whenever i'm shopping for things too fancy for me.

enterrement vie de garçon Paris said...

Lovely dress.