black gold

(title links to P.O.S.'s "Savion Glover". Go, listen, enjoy the sounds of immensely awesome Minneapolis hip-hop.)

Yesterday, I planned a day of Free Stuff. Free Bastille Day festival in Oz Park, free lunch at Kuma's Corner, free Fiery Furnaces concert in Millennium Park, free burlesque show at Villain's. Most of these things were not quite as planned: the Bastille Day festival was a row of booths selling travel packages to France, the free lunch at Kuma's came with a side of earsplitting death metal, and the burlesque show was industrial fetish burlesque, not pretty girls in sequins and feathers and stockings, sadly. But hey, the Fiery Furnaces show was excellent!

What could I wear to the park, a biker bar, a family-friendly concert series, and a burlesque show? My new favorite summer dress from Uniqlo. I think it's made of comfort and cotton and awesome.
Black tank dress, Uniqlo; gold strappy sandals, Aldo.

Also: fancy earrings and fancy Knockout polish! I splurged in New York for a bottle of the matte red "Karen" polish, and although it was far too much money to spend on nail polish, I'm tempted to say that it was worth it. The flatte red goes on in one coat, dries ridiculously quickly, and looks amazing. I now kinda want every single color.

I found these earrings in the move: I've had them for years, but mislaid them in the series of relocations that's upended my life since 2007. I bought them at a silent auction fundraiser for the Southern Theater in a set with a matching necklace from India, in one of my bidding frenzies at the Southern Exposure event fueled by free wine and a nasty competitive streak. For years, when I worked this event at the Southern's box office, I'd resign myself to just spending my entire pay for that (long) day at the silent auction, and more than a few times ended up being the high bidder for the entire event. That seems wrong, somehow.


MargieF said...

I love how simple yet cool your outfit is...black and gold is always a winner:)

Hanna said...

That simple outfit works so well! And oh those earrings are lovely.

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