don't go chasin' waterfalls

Oh, like you could've resisted the TLC reference.
(Incidentally, for a good long embarrassing time after "Waterfalls" came out, I truly thought the lyrics were "don't go, Jason: waterfalls!", as if Left Eye was warning Jason to rethink his whitewater kayaking trip, lest he meet his death plummeting over an unexpected waterfall. Shut up, I was thirteen. And, clearly, dumb.)

Um. Aside from misheard lyrics, here's the waterfall-back tank that I bought a year ago and have not really been able to figure out how to wear:

Wow, my arms seriously need moisturizer. And I need to stop
falling over and scarring the hell out of my elbows and forearms.

I cannot resist this fall of fabric in the back. However, being made of thin grey modal, and also having an extremely scooped neckline and sides, it does not really cover me, um, frontally.

Wait, let's look at the back again. How I love it!

Since the backlessness is super-low, it pretty much demands a backless undergarment option, which kills the idea of wearing a clearly-visible but purposefully fabulous bra underneath this and embracing the peepshow. I don't want to go spend $28 on a backless leotard at American Apparel just to wear with this shirt, but I might not have any other great choices. Though I suppose a backless halter leotard isn't the least useful thing I could buy, I can't quite imagine a leotard making its way into regular rotation in my wardrobe. No one thinks "practical wardrobe staple" and immediately responds with the words "backless" and "leotard", now do they?

Solve this for me, please.


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The Domina said...

I was going to say either sticky bras or the silicone adhesive half bra. Now if it doesn't cover you in the front, as in, you are hanging out the side and showing side-boob, then I would go with the backless leo (have you looked at discountdance.com? I have a backless nude leo from them for dance.

chickdowntown Gina said...

I just wore a dress similar to this last weekend. I have an issue with not wearing a bra so going braless was not and option. So I went with a printed leopard bandeau and it looked great! Maybe you can try a black one or even a neon one to spice it up. Hope this helped!