extra mustard

I really wanted to wear this gorgeous waterfall-back grey tank (Development by Erica Davies) with these pants, as it would fit into my inevitable mustard-yellow-and-grey theme, and the back is amazing. But I can't figure out how to wear this damn shirt with anything I own: it needs to fall unencumbered, but it's too sheer/low to wear on its own, so it inevitably gets layered over something that ruins the effect. Damn. I'll have to take photos of the back to show you just how vexing this is, and take suggestions. (Maybe over a mostly-backless leotard? And on a sidenote to a parenthetical: sweet baby jesus on toast, the American Apparel website is terrifying right now. Scrunchies and zipper bodysuits! Shudder.)

Anyway: I ended up with yet another version of a grey tank + yellow pants. The pink shoes are just a bonus.

Grey tank, Diesel; gold corduroys, JCrew; pink heels,
Seychelles; watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Further first-world complaints: my new apartment has no full-length mirror, nor room to set one up, so taking self-timed photos of myself is the best way I've figured out to see what I look like. (My full-length mirror in Cincinnati was made of Ikea mirror squares affixed to the wall with tape, and I feared that taking them down would also take down large pieces of the plaster with them, so they stayed up. This might explain why I haven't received my deposit refund from my former landlord, eh?)

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