i like to move it, move it

That title? It's a complete and utter lie, because no matter how lovely and helpful your movers are- and oh god, splurging to hire movers to load and unload the moving truck was the best decision I've ever made in my life- you're still stuck with an apartment that looks like this once those helpful people leave.

My god, where to begin.

And then it takes you six days to dig out from under all the boxes, and the fact that all the boxes were from the liquor store (because #1, the liquor store was a half-block away, and #2, the boxes used to ship glass bottles full of liquid are bound to be sturdy, not because you happen to have four thousand empty liquor boxes lying about, I promise) makes you want a bottle of wine like now.

But then six days later, once you've fully freaked out over the fact that your new kitchen has no drawers at all and the entire thing is seven formica tiles wide by six formica tiles deep, including the entryway- and oh I am not kidding about that, look-
-and your new bedroom will fit either a full-sized mattress and a tiny dresser OR a queen-sized bed, but absolutely nothing else, and the bathroom is too small to open the door fully, and the only closet is a coat closet and where oh where will your shoes live?- you realize that hey, that built-in glass bookshelf in the living room might just be the solution.

And then you will calm down a bit, and sit on the bench in front of the window, and silently thank your neighbor with an unsecured wifi network, and you will think that despite being unemployed and overwhelmed, things might be ok.


mrs.j said...

i kinda love the shoe shelves in the living room. if they were dirty nasty tennis shoes it wouldn't work, but you have such marvelous shoes it looks like a purposeful display.

Ruth said...

i concur, shoes are a perfect fit. and look at all that lovely sunlight! when are we invited over with wine in tow?

SBJ said...

I jumped off of my very comfortable couch to give your new shoe home a hearty standing ovation. BRAVA!

Katherine said...

all i can say is, as a nineteen year old new york college student, that apartment looks like heaven. I'll be living in some sort of student housing for the better part of the next four years, and honestly, your place is adorably minimalist and chill as hell. plus living simply is the new black, dontcha know?