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I am oddly stuck on the idea of not paying for Flickr Pro, so my participation in the "What's In Your Bag" pool died off right when I hit my limit of free uploads. (Yes, I know I should just get over myself and my attachment to not paying for things and get Flickr Pro already, but I am stubborn and slightly crazy.)

So, for a much much much much smaller audience, here's what was in my bag this morning.

Kind of left to right:
two notebooks (because one is not enough, and what if I have to suddenly write a 12-page note and I only have ten blank pages left in the Moleskine?)
orange fake-shagreen sunglasses case
red plastic thingy that I cannot identify
nail oil
black pouch from Beth, containing five lip glosses/balms, a nail file, four band-aids, blisterblock, blotting papers, two sample vials of perfume, and polishing cloth for sunglasses. This pouch is the Pouch of Girlieness.
wallet that probably needs replacing, as the zipper is 75% of the way to being broken
small can of WD-40
membership brochure for the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago
cellphone with incoming text message from C
Target receipt for WD-40
I'm Down by Mishna Wolff, to be returned to the library this afternoon
iPod, sans headphones
mirror compact
shoulder strap for the bag
larger black pouch, containing highlighters, pens, flash drive, and tape measure

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