I've been looking for a good biking-friendly purse for a few weeks now: I've got only one cross-body bag, which I adore, but it's brown leather and I'm weird about (read: practically compulsively allergic to) wearing brown with black. Tote bags are ok for a leisurely cruise to the beach, but when I'm scooting several miles to dinner on my bike, I want to be able to ditch the messenger bag and carry a purse that doesn't look quite so bike-messenger-casual.

Refinery 29's featurette
on the Cambridge Satchel Company pretty much solved this problem for me (well, except the "how to get one without having to pay $85+?" issue). Nice leather, cross-body adjustable strap, classic look, snob appeal ("oh, I just ordered it from England!"): score on all counts.

Seriously, how do I get one of the satchels (11" or 13". I'm not picky.) for free? Because that needs to happen.


Anonymous said...


Win a free bag- just up your alley!!!

nadarine said...

Jessie, you are the GREATEST. If I win that bag, I will owe it entirely to you and your awesomeness.

SBJ said...

That gorgeous little bitch of a bag is less than $100?! Will my laptop fit in?

I guess I'm not helping.