grown-up drag

In which I "act my age":

The jacket-less version: too much bare shoulder for Seriously
Corporate, but enough professional attitude for the arts

Buttoned-up Serious Interview Look:
J Crew suit, Express tie-neck shell, Seychelles shoes

I did go ahead and buy that grey suit after graduation, and although I've worn it to a handful of interviews, it still hasn't worked its job-getting magic for me. I'm waiting (impatiently) for one of the many things I'm working toward to come to fruition, but in the meantime, the pink satin lining of this suit jacket is slightly comforting.

I feel like I'm going onstage in a drag show when I put this on sometimes: a show in which I am impersonating a real grown-up to a room full of actual adults. I own a suit? Really?
(Really. But I haven't had it tailored yet- due to that pesky lack of funds begat by lack of employment- so it's only 70% serious suitage.)

Thankfully, my résumé reminds people that regardless of my silent awe at being treated as a grown-up, I may actually be qualified to be in the room.

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K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, you look pretty great in the suit. I always looked weird and lopsided.