bleu blanc rouge noir

Moving again this week- just across town, but it still requires packing and boxing and all that unpleasantness. However, the packing and boxing led me to re-find these shoes at the top of my shoe rack. "Oh! I have red d'orsays!", which led me to wear them to work today. That was inadvisable, as I spent most of the day hauling things and lifting things and generally being useful. Note: pretty red suede d'orsay heels are not OSHA-approved footwear for activities that take place on a loading dock.

"Cute French Girl" striped shell, H&M; belt, vintage of unknown origin; jeans, Hudson; heels, vintage YSL.

Yeah, I really need to re-do my manicure.

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The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

They are totally French stripes. As I opened this picture, Edith Piaf began to play in my head. So, you're good.