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You should know Laia. And if you already know her, you love her, because she is a bad-ass pixie with great tattoos, a laptop, and a serious brain, and fabulous access to NY Fashion Week.

She, in addition to being a wonderful person who scoured NYC newsstands for me last summer to procure a copy of "the black issue" of Vogue Italia when none were to be found in Chicago, is blowing up the internet with her writing and photos and general goodness.

I'm pretty sure that her initials don't stand for Laia Garcia, but for Le Greatest. I mean, this is the girl who can nearly convince me to pull a Gaga and wear hot pants in public.

Worn Fashion Journal's q&a / confession of adoration
Laia's personal fashion blog, Geometric Sleep (fashion week braniac!)
her blog for POP magazine (whoa.)
her 'zine, Holy Child
her blog for Oak
her band, Ivory Coasts

(my god, girl is busy.)

Edit: oh and NOW she's all up on Refinery29's "Street Seen", looking killer. My gawd.

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laia. said...

You're too much!
loooooove youuuuuz