working girl

(worn Thursday for the first day at the new job)

1) Massive thanks to Truculent and Unreliable for this dress. I visited this summer, and left their house with a new dress, a bottle of scotch, and a stomach full of amazing local bacon. My friends, they spoil me.
Ms. Truculent and I are oddly twinned on occasion: we're prone to showing up in the same outfit, or buying the same shoes, despite living several states away and only seeing eachother a few times per year. Plus, we wear the same size in most shoes and clothes. If only we lived closer, we could combine our powers and have one seriously bad-ass shared closet.

2) Thanks to the networking my little brother did on my behalf on his commute to work, I have a temp gig! Yes, I do have to drive 75 minutes each way to said temp gig a few days per week, but it's a job. Plus, the people I'm working for are immeasurably cool. (Evidence of this: my boss has a shoe-a-day calendar on her desk. The entire month of September is devoted to Dries van Noten footwear. Swoon.)

Dress with awesome awesome pintucking, Richard Chai for
Target; cone-heel pumps, Seychelles. Wrinkly effect on dress
from my two and a half hours sitting in the car.

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