I do not get it when people remark on my outfit and say "oooh, you're so dressed up!"
Not really. Not at all. Do you realize how much easier it is to get dressed in the morning when you just slip into a dress? One-stop shopping, people. Wearing pants means that I have to find a belt, and that belt has to coordinate with the shoes, and what shirt can I wear with these pants, and does it need to be tucked in, and what if the shoes that go with this shirt don't work with these pants, and so forth.
Wearing a dress? Dress, shoes, potential jewelry if you're fancy, and done.

This was especially needed this morning, when I got up at 4:00 a.m. (yes, you read that right) to be at work at 6:15 a.m. for a big special event that started before 7:00. A dress is the only right choice to make at dark o'clock.

Brown tweed dress, Ann Taylor; burgundy wedge-heel boots
(they are so, so comfortable, and they make me easily 6'1"), Aerosoles.

Kiss Of Death pendant, Culp Baubles; gold multi-strand necklace, Maude Vintage in Columbia MO.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but what color nailpolish??

nadarine said...

Ah yes, the polish. It's a mix of black, burgundy, and gold that I swirled together in an attempt to make something fancy. SOMEDAY I will have fancy polishes; until that day, I will mix 99-cent Walgreen's colors together and claim they're "custom".

Jen said...

The nail polish is awesome.

I like the idea of dresses and need to buy more of them; I do wish they had pockets more often. I like to have a handkerchief with me, and I need a pocket to put it in.