Grey houndstooth dress, custom made by Carole Bruns;
navy cardigan, VS; belt, Target; greige pumps, Seychelles.

Almost everything here is a duplicate of something else/needs to be copied.
The cardigan, although a favorite of mine, is shrinking quickly and attracting more than its fair share of lint and cat hair and other unsightly debris, so it needs to be replicated soon in a more useful/less wonky form.
The dress was made by my Minneapolis seamstress for custom work, Carole Bruns (ok, her website is not so great, but she is absolutely amazing)- I brought in a disintegrating vintage wool sheath dress to her a few years ago and asked her to make copies for me in several fabrics. And yes, Jen, it has pockets. I also had her eliminate the back walking pleats, so this is nearly a wiggle dress: a little dash of extra hotness never hurt an otherwise practical and work-worthy wool sheath dress, yes?
And the heels have been purchased in two colors, because I love them so and they are perfect.


enterrement de vie de garçon said...

C'est vraiment le genre de robe que j'apprécie.

Bizen said...

Great style