merit badge in preparedness

Boy Scouts do that, right? The "always be prepared" thing? But how do they carry around all the necessary supplies to make sure? I get the occasional comment on the size of this particular purse (coffee cup for scale), along the lines of "god, what do you have in there?", but it's only a small portion of the Always Be Prepared kit.

This is (most of) what I schlep to work each day. Add in an umbrella, coat, gloves, coffee mug, and occasionally a change of shoes, and soon the fact that I refer to this assortment of crap as my "island of stuff" will make perfect sense.

Aside from the purse, there's a tote bag which holds the laptop in its pretty green and bronze sleeve. I had a friend make this for me before I left Minneapolis, and she put a "612" on the front to make me smile. Aw.

Bag contents: cds (Scissor Sister, Santogold, Beck), apple, granola bar, spoon (I don't know why I have a tiny spoon on my bag. Did I pack yogurt for lunch and somehow lose it?), wallet, program from "Walk of Shame" at Victory Gardens, pouch of girliness (lipstick, lip gloss, blotting paper, etc.), business card pouch holder thingy, checkbook, compact, big red leather notebook, hand lotion, eyedrops, sunglasses in case (note: I've been wearing my glasses for three days now. Why do I still carry around nonprescription sunglasses when I can't wear them?).
Oh, and there was a bottle of wine in the bag too, but I drank it. It's important to only buy bags that can comfortably contain a bottle of wine, since you never know when you'll have to pick one up and cart it around.

I shudder to think how much this all weighs.

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Ruth said...

i agree. a bag that can be depended upon to hold a bottle of wine is important. thanks for coming over to share borscht and delightfully fruity cocktails last night!