I love October. Halloween is my favorite of all holidays- the costumes! the boozy cider! the costumes! the sugar highs! (I will change my favorite to The Meberg Stine Easter/Birthday Extravaganza if I finally get to attend, naturally), and fall smells so good (right now, my neighborhood smells like fall in Minneapolis, which is all sorts of nostalgically pleasant), and fall means boots and tall socks and pretty coats and elbow-length gloves.

Rust-orange wool cape, vintage; boots, vintage; umbrella, Target.

Navy wool shift dress, Paul & Joe Rendez-Vous for Urban Outfitters.
Note: if you wear this dress and a pair of heels to fly, and you're rolling
your red carry-on behind you, four people per minute will assume
that you're a flight attendant and ask you about departure gates. FYI.

Hey, that's not the same white wall with a window behind it from previous outfit photos, is it? No, because October also means new apartment, with a pleasant brick wall in the living room and a Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe-esque mark on said wall. Let's hope this apparition approves of my eventual decorating choices for this room.

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Anonymous said...

Adore the cape! Must get my hands on one of those gems:)