tie one on

I love euphemisms for drinking and associated conditions. "Tying one on" at happy hour? Such a ridiculous phrase, and today, when my temp gig ends, leaving me high and dry for employment and income, tying one (or seven or fifteen) on is a necessity. Preferably while watching Gossip Girl and eating Cheez-Its and thinking about which of my possessions I can sell on Craigslist to scrape together a little cash.

V-neck, Old Navy; dress, Marc Jacobs; awesome grey
flats that are forever out of frame, Steve Madden.

Also, I love tie-neck pieces, especially this scarfy droopy tie thing from Marc Jacobs, despite its fatal flaw.
The dress was styled online very specifically to hide the fact that the front has an unfortunate henley-type button front. This deceptive styling lured me into buying it. Clearance sale means no returns, even when you realize that the front of the dress is horrific, so: this gets worn only with a v-neck or cardigan over it to hide that ugly henley placket. Not what I thought I was buying, but I do wear this dress super-frequently in its layered form, so not all is lost.

(The Fug Girls would look at this photo and tsk me for being unable to get my damn feet into the photo and accidentally cutting myself off at the ankles. Won't you take me to... stumpy-town?)

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