fake that floss*

*from Kori Newkirk's "Hip Hop From Home (Fake that Floss)", a part of the One Planet Under A Groove: Hip Hop & Contemporary Art exhibition that I saw years ago at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, thus hooking me for life.

Pink scarf, Target; leather, Moda International; v-neck, Old Navy; vest, H&M;
necklace, Maude Vintage; jeans, Citizens of Humanity; boots, Enzo Angiolini
and really old and man these boots are comfortable; bling, The Ark thrift store.

Inspired by this, which has been saved to my Amazing Looks folder for some time now:

... and also by the completely chic ensemble of one of the Museum of Contemporary Art's staffers last Friday, who rocked an old gold digital men's Casio watch and made it look like the freshest thing ever with a suit jacket. After all, there are no new ideas out there, only ideas I haven't appropriated yet.