life inside a glass house

... in which I now work as a temporary holiday sales associate, where I sell glassware to people at a store where people who have real jobs and real incomes can go to pick up another set of handblown champagne flutes, a new table runner for their dining room, and some accent pillows to transition their living room into fall/winter.

Snark aside, I'm actually rather fond of this little part-time gig I've picked up, as the new coworkers are generally friendly and helpful and sweet, and being surrounded by pretty, pretty things all day is pleasant. Now, if only I were not constantly tempted to pretend that I, too, can buy a set of a dozen martini glasses (I had to drink a martini out of a lowball glass the other day. Oh, horrors.) and a set of plates that actually match.

Anyway, worn to work on Saturday:

Jackette, some Minneapolis designer who didn't sew labels
into the clothes; navy v-neck, Old Navy; big-ass enamel ring,
vintage via Etsy; skirt, American Apparel; boots, vintage.

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