This outfit is basically pajamas. What of it? It looks respectable for public wear, and I'm only leaving the house today to bike on a quick errand to buy thank-you notes and another pint of half & half. (Coffee + honey + half & half: my preferred beverage to take me from waking up through 2 p.m. or so.)

Grey sweatshirt hoodie dress, Delia's; tights, DKNY; boots, vintage.

You know, for all the noise I make about riding your bike wearing whatever you want (for me, that's generally a too-short dress and a devil-may-care attitude about the whole thing) and wearing your helmets, I've been incredibly lax in actually taking photos in bike mode.
Navy side-button gloves, Tulle; helmet, Trek; bike, Trek 800,
courtesy my little brother, who said "well, I never ever use my frame,
and yours is broken, so just go ahead and take it." Thanks, man.