thank you

Photographic evidence of Chicago Thanksgiving Festivities: the 9:00 a.m. parade of mostly only vaguely identifiable giant inflatable cartoon characters...

(little brother: "what's that one?" me: "Superdawg? Wait, no, that's the hot dog place?")

...the impromptu dinner table setup (in their defense, my brother and his roommates DO own an actual kitchen table. However, it only seats four, so the beer pong table was repurposed. Yes, the boys did make centerpieces. If by "make" you mean "took some landscaping clippings out of the trash bin and stuck them into glasses." A for effort!):

As the eight of us motley celebrants ate, we participated in the traditional "what are you thankful for?" roundtable. Upon my turn, I said "I'm thankful for wifi", and I meant this with every fiber of my being.
Then my little brother, sitting directly to my left, gives a sweet toast to the things he's thankful for, concluding with "... and very thankful that I'm having Thanksgiving with my awesome sister."

Way to make me look like a total douchebag, brother.

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