thirty before thirty

I really should have thought about this, say, five months ago, when it would've been thirty months to my thirtieth birthday. Thinking about it now means that my list is now compressed into twenty-five intense months that will very likely be unable to contain all these crazy goals, but in the spirit of Maggie's Mighty Life List and Sarah (of Yes and Yes)'s 31 New Things, I'm going to put it out there anyway and dive right in, because why the hell not?
Let's check some shit off, baby. I've got twenty-five months to attempt the following:

  • Learn to drive a stick shift
  • Have a season subscription to the opera, a theater, and a dance company*
  • Attend a real masquerade I am certain that a Drag Ball Birthday Party counts as a masquerade.
  • Surprise someone with a lavish, extravagant present for no reason at all other than that I love them*
  • Travel somewhere completely new, solo*
  • Take a serious wine-tasting class*
  • Be able to give really good career advice to someone
  • Can/preserve some food
  • Get acupuncture for my wonky shoulder, hips, ankle, back, omg I am broken*
  • Complete a mini-triathalon*
  • Pick up the tab at the grocery store for someone who needs it*
  • Learn to surf*
  • Be able to ice-skate backwards
  • Try a regional/ethnic cuisine that I have zero familiarity with (Inuit? Dutch? Egyptian?)*
  • Go on a camping/biking trip that crosses at least two states in one day (Admittedly, this is relatively easy in Chicago: one can bike to Indiana or Wisconsin via trails that are structured for rather leisurely cycling.)
  • Visit the catacombs*
  • Visit my sister in Hong Kong*
  • Grow orchids*
  • Invest $50 in a stock*
  • Watch a game in the new Yankee Stadium*
  • Attend one of those “secret” dinner parties (yeah, they were trendy a few years ago. So what? I still think a secret dinner party sounds like a good time.)*
  • Actually decorate my apartment, rather than just putting all my stuff in it and hoping that it might not be too terrible-looking*
  • Get my Slouching Towards Bethlehem tattoo*
  • Learn to snowboard*
  • Spend two weeks eating a Raw Foods diet*
  • Attend a yoga retreat or one of those intense weekend-long yoga workshops*
  • Learn basic conversational Spanish
  • Read a book in French (and no, rereading Huis Clos/Le Petit Prince/anything I read in high school or college for French class doesn’t count)
  • Donate to an arts organization I love*
  • Finally be able to parallel-park with confidence
*(The asterisks denote those things that require money to do.
So maybe I'll start from the free stuff and work my way up.)

Ready. Set. GO.


MannersDomina said...

My husband grows orchids and he is actually thinking of donating some to a plant auction--he could probably be convinced to donate one to your 30 before 30 cause if you're interesting. You can email me thedomina at gmail dot com if you like.

Amanda said...

Here on my way to make my own might list. To triumph!