au revoir, 2009

Dress, H&M; fur collar, vintage; fur muff, vintage; pumps, Seychelles.

Fur cloche, vintage Dior; MAC's Russian Red lipstick, h/t to Skinny Bone Jones.

On a related (why are you blogging at 9:30 on New Year's, lady?) note, seriously where is my cab it's been 45 minutes argh hurry UP, taxi.


J.Gold said...


SBJ said...

What on earth does h/t mean?! I LOVE this NYE outfit. I also love your Christmas outfit! The panel is perfection. XOXO!

nadarine said...

@SBJ: "hat tip", or "egregiously dandified gesture of thanks to Ms. SBJ for showing me the way to Russian Red".

Anonymous said...

Seriously gorgeous! I love your style.

Oh- I got a fur muff for my birthday! Go muffs, go!