the orchid thief

Thankfully, no misdemeanors were committed to obtain the following:

I'd like you to meet my new orchids, Lenore and Hiram. Lenore is a Love Knot orchid, and Hiram is a Tequila Sunrise orchid. They arrived at my house on Wednesday from The Domina, who is amazing and generous.
She also has perfect timing, as my Wednesday has been full of suckage right up until about 7 pm, and these orchids, coupled with cocktails and dinner with the lovely Helen of Ready Steady Go, seriously turned my day around.

(Oh my god, I am such a Cathy cartoon cliché up in here. I just realized that my "boohoo, bad day*, make it better" solution was cocktails, a dinner followed by a second dinner at Big Star, and flowers. ACK.

*seriously, that day was pretty crap, though. A job I'd been gunning for with all I've got called to say I wasn't getting a second interview; the insurance company of the woman that rear-ended me called and informed me that due to some mitigating and probably illegal circumstances, they may not pay me a damn dime for the repairs; then I fell down a bunch of stairs in front of some important people.)

This officially crosses the first item off my Thirty Before Thirty list. Now to practice parallel parking!

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enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris said...

those are my favorite flowers.