school colors

Yesterday, while clad top-to-toe in all black, I thought "man, I just feel more put-together and professional when I'm all in black. It's comfortable and sharp."
(Note: for something like eight years, I wore pretty much exclusively black clothing. Jeans were exempt from the all-black-all-the-time rule, but my closet was stocked exclusively with Morticia-appropriate hues. I wore a brown sweater once in 2006, and people couldn't stop commenting on that occurrence.)

And then I woke up and put on a bunch of color this morning. Hm.

Dress, Zachary's Smile; satin-trim cardigan, Old
Navy; anonymous and ancient tights, suede boots,
Chinese Laundry.(I had a burgundy purse that I toted
around earlier today, but I forgot to grab it for the photo.)

These are the actual school colors of my high school, btw. Blue and gold: two hues I chose never to wear together after the age of sixteen, lest something think that I had (horrors!) school spirit.


Fanya6 said...

Go Earcats!

FFAF said...

Hey! Those are my school colors, too! Blue and gold.