to start at end

To start at End
And work back
To the mouth
Is the start--

Back to the black hole
That ate the meal,
Back from the universe
And the book

To the illiteracy
Of the much too
Compressed pre-universe
To release. So it was

The hands of fingers on
The keyboard bringing up on the screen
The something thirteen
Billion light years back that happened.

The Gentlemen, start your engines!
That made it start
Which is the mouth
Of the music

The uncontrollable
Is about to happen--
A gash in the nothingness invisibly

The uncontrollable is about
To happen-- the strings (of string theory)
Are trembling unseen ecstatically
Before they even are touched by the bow.

It all happened so fast.
The fall weather was vast.
At either end of spacetime the armies massed.
Youth was past.

(Frederick Seidel, from The Cosmos Trilogy)

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