I don't want to start asking for a lot of things, but...

...oh, let's just come out with it. I like stuff. Clothes, books, shoes: I can sort of empathize with Imelda Marcos on the compulsive acquisition. And since it's less than two weeks til Christmas (and just over a month until my birthday, yet another Highly Important Gift-Giving Occasion!), I'm going to make like a small child with the Sears Toy Catalog. Except instead of toys, it's grown-up presents that cost way, way more than the Barbie Dream House ever did.

Screw the "What to Give to Other People" guides: here's what to give to me, Santa.

(subtitle: In Which I Pretend That My Actual Wishlist Does Not Have Only One Item On It, That Item Being "A JOB".)

I do have a reasonable side, really. Some wholly practical gifts:

- a stud finder with laser level and plumb bob, to indulge the butch side of me that installs ever-more-complicated shelving projects.
- on that note, a Sawzall. Yes, seriously. It's not like a girl who love shoes cannot also love the occasional tool.

- a membership to the Dill Pickle co-op: conveniently located in my neighborhood, and Chicago's first co-op grocery store. (For a Minneapolis girl who never lived further than a block from a well-stocked co-op, this was a significant dearth, so hurrah to the Dill Pickle!)

- it's cold. I need a parka.
Living in southern Ohio for two winters spoiled me and made me weak.

Mildly practical but massively expensive gifts:

- an ultra-badass new watch.
My well-loved faux-lizard Marc Jacobs watch is falling apart. (Boooo, Marc Jacobs. A two year lifespan for a watch? Not cool.)
I've got a dainty silver bracelet watch in my pile o' jewelry somewhere, but dainty is not often what I do. More like "super-spy-esque", this one.

- Claire McCardell's What Shall I Wear? Hey, if you're going to go all out, why not go for the autographed first edition?

Wholly impractical but completely fabulous:

- a ridiculously glam fur coat. What? It's cold! And what if I have to dress up in something that's more formal than a parka? What then, hmm?

- a leather duffel bag. I bought a vintage leather duffel last year as a gift, and oh, how I wish I had found two and kept one for myself.

- a terrarium. That way, the cat will find it much harder to nibble on the plants in the living room.
- driving gloves. So what if I don't own a roadster? That doesn't change how awesome these gloves are.

- everything Rodarte is making for Target. Especially the sequin ribcage dress. And the leopard-print dress. And the long lace cardigans. Give it all, Target.

- shiny 5" wedge boots. I would be 6'2" in these. That's reason enough.

- Taschen's retrospective on fashion ads of the 20th century. Can I call this "practical" because it's a book, rather than another pair of black boots? No? Damn.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome wishful list! I love my driving gloves- I often get compliments on them, too.

Great parka, and who wouldn't melt for that fab fur coat?

My friend has a black Michael Kors watch that I covet.

Nicely done- I want it all!