boxed in

I love my new(ish) apartment so much, I really do. But the main failing of its design is the bathroom. My bathroom has approximately two square feet of floor space, and this has meant that for the past four months, my cat's litterbox lived in the living room.

This was both ugly and unpleasant, obviously. I did my damndest to hide it behind an awkwardly-placed bench and shove it under an old Ikea table, but it still looked like crap.

See? Craptacular. Also, dusty and gross. The cat didn't seem to mind, but it drove me nuts.

I broke down today while running some errands in the car, and veered into the Cost Plus parking lot, and then to Home Depot. Step one: acquire large wicker basket thingy on sale. Determine that yes, the litterbox will fit inside this wicker chest.

Step two: rent jigsaw from Home Depot and buy blades for said jigsaw. Think about what a bad idea it is, really, for Home Depot to rent me a power tool without an instruction booklet and no waiver. Why the rent-a-tool desk employee felt that I had any trustworthiness at all, I'm not sure, but he took my $11.20 and my credit card and handed over the saw.

Step three: cut a arched entrance on one side of the wicker chest with the jigsaw. I suppose I could've measured and traced the cut lines onto the chest, but at this point, my impatience took over and I just freehanded the opening.

Step three and a half: apologize to neighbors for making such a racket in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. Sorry, neighbors.

Step four: put cotton liner back inside wicker trunk and cut opening into liner to line up with the hole I just cut into the trunk. Place litterbox inside, and do that dumb thing cat owners do where we point at something, look at the cat, and say "see? that's your new litterbox" as if the cat will understand, as she stares at me and thinks "I'd like a treat and a belly rub now."

That's so much better. The grand plan for this new contraption is to also affix some small storage baskets for litter bags and the litter scoop to the inside of the trunk, assuming they leave enough headroom for the cat. I'm also going to muck around with sticking some sort of air freshener/deodorizer to the inside of the trunk's lid.
And yes, eventually, I will get around to doing something about the blinds on that window.


kelly alice said...

this is genius. and inspiring!!!!

Kazuko said...

fantastic! good job!