round two

You've pretty much seen this before:

Lace cardigan, Rodarte for Target; v-neck, Old Navy; jeans, Uniqlo; boots, vintage;
purse, Marshall Field's house brand from back when it was still Field's.

... but if the skinny jeans + boots + lace cardigan thing continues to work, I'm going to continue to switch out the jeans and the shirt and wear this through May. I like routine.


mrs.j said...

may i ask you a fashion question, oh so fashionable friend?
i love wearing boots with skinny jeans and/or appropriate skirts and dresses. i would very much like to continue this trend once it gets warm outside. i am convinced if i had some tall, flat, caramel colored leather boots, they could transition to warmer months.
so, your opinion: summer boots are okay? summer boots are NOT OKAY.

nadarine said...

I say that summer boots are a-ok, within reason. Like, if it's 85+ degrees outside, you're going to be miserable wearing socks and boots, no matter how light and flowy the dress is. But for moderately summery weather, I've done may iterations of skirt + tshirt + boots.

You know what is NOT OK, though? The damn peep-toe boots. I cannot get behind those under any circumstances. IT'S A BOOT. IT IS SUPPOSED TO COVER ONE'S TOES.

(I was just talking today about the wonder that is Nebraska thrifting, btw. I have no doubt that you'll find some sweet broken-in boots for, like, $15 somewhere.)

mrs.j said...

that is my plan, yeah.
and peep toe boots are one of the scariest fashion things to have ever happened.

Becky said...

Sounds like a good plan, because that cardi is FANTASTIC!

soirée enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

Nice style. I like you purse.