"sweet dreams" should not be played at salsa night, guys.

Dress, vintage; clutch, Matt & Nat; fishnets, DKNY; pumps, Enzo Angiolini.
Dishevelment courtesy four hours of salsa dancing and a bottle of cava.

Edited to add: a few people this weekend asked "so, what's your favorite birthday present/part of your birthday?", and I got to throw my arms around C and say "this is".

The amazing woman on the left in the above photo is one of my closest friends, and I'm so lucky to know her. We hadn't seen eachother since June 2009, and she flew in to surprise me this weekend, all the way from D.C., and we spent a magical long weekend together.
(C, I hope you're reading this right now.)

She really is one of the best, most thoughtful people I know, and has the biggest heart ever. This is the woman I tend to do accidental-twin dressing with, and whenever anyone says "you two look alike!", I'm always beyond flattered: in addition to being brilliant and lovely, she is- as you can see- absolutely gorgeous.

This really was the greatest weekend ever.

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