american girl

Worn last night for a date to see American Buffalo at Steppenwolf with Ruth (and her kick-ass motorcycle boots, which I should take a photo of):

Dress, vintage (Edith Machinist in NYC); satin-trim cardigan, Old Navy; belt, J Crew;
brooch, vintage; clutch, Matt & Nat; cowboy boots, vintage via my mom's closet.

I once had a fabulous boss (hi, Stacey!) who would choose her ensemble for opening-night parties at the art museum to reflect the art in some subtle way. It could be via color, or texture, or a layering of embroidery, but there was always some thematic tie-in between the exhibition and her outfit.
I wasn't consciously thinking of that last night as I got dressed for the theater (it was more like "hm, I can't wear suede shoes in the snow, and I should definitely leave room for post-show snacks in the dress"), but a little bit of Mamet made its way into this outfit. I wouldn't generally describe Mamet as "twisted" (that high praise I leave for Martin McDonagh), but he does have a little bit of pleasant warping (see: Oleanna). Thus: the asymmetrical buttoning of the cardigan. And it's a cheap link for sure, but the "Americana" bit of the theme is handily taken care of through cowboy boots. Plus, on a non-thematic note, the very visible salt stains on these boots are proof that they have become my go-to winter footwear when I cannot deal with snowboots for one more day.

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