danger high voltage

Snowverload? What snowverload?
(voicemail from my mother this morning: "I thought you'd be working from home. I can't imagine how you got to work with 18" of snow on the ground in Chicago!")

When there is a big ol' showing of vintage Chanel and YSL jewelry in a gorgeously out-of-my-price-range midcentury furniture store, I will fight my way through a blizzard to attend. Oooh, and free champagne. And the opportunity to try on a jawdroppingly gorgeous four-strand pearl choker with the most beautiful tooled clasp known to man... swoon.
Never mind the $2,300 price tag: if I just have another glass (or four) of champagne, I'll distract myself, right? Right?

Cashmere crew-neck, Gene Meyer; rose-gold brocade skirt, J Crew; boring black
tights to stave off the cold; boots, Bandolino; watch, Nine West; bag, vintage.

My gawd, but it's dangerous for me to be allowed to pet so many pretty, pretty pieces of jewelry. Oh, to someday be ridiculously rich and to have the ability to drop four figures on a necklace. Ha.


helen said...

This post just led me on an odyssey of trolling ebay for old glittery jcrew pencil skirts, which somehow detoured into checking out rose-gold cocktail rings and maybe placing a few bids on things i really shouldn't buy myself. damn you.

Anonymous said...

Marry me.

Lyz said...

Hey, from another blog I was checking out this site http://www.lolitagirlstore.com/
and thought that if anyone could pull off this look, it would be you. Didn't check the prices.:)

nadarine said...

it's ok. I got slightly drunk and went on Etsy tonight. Oops/awesome.

mrs.j said...

just noticed the name of this post, and i assume it is an electric six reference. do not correct me if i am wrong. awesome.