get on the good foot

This was possibly the most satisfying Home Improvement project ever, guys. For three years now, I've been fantasizing about creating a shoe storage system that doesn't involve boots being shoved into the corner of a closet, and lone heels being found under the couch. After this summer's temporary apartment and its built-in wall of shelves, I was on a mission build it better than it was before: we have the technology. ("Technology", in this case, being a laser level and a cordless drill.)

First, the Before. This was just sad:


And then Ruth and Tim came over last night, heeding my plea for slave labor, and were polite enough not to verbally express their suspicion that I was crazy. Note: if you're installing the big fucking Ikea Lack shelves- the ones that are taller than I am- you do not want to do this solo. Trust me on this. Bribe a friend or two to help you out, or you will want to die.

Now, the glorious After. A place for everything, and everything in its place, and bonus: that place is relatively free of cat hair. Behold!


Is it more than a little Conspicuous Consumption to have shoe shelves as a main feature of my bedroom? Definitely. But I don't care.

(Ruth and Tim are facilitating my apartment decor, one big favor at a time. First the loan of Ruth's antique Singer to make pillows for my couch, and now their readiness with a drill and a hammer: I feel like I should just hire them both as project contractors. My friends are the best, especially when they prevent me from maiming myself with power tools.)


Jen said...

Very nice. Hopefully your cat won't get adventurous and try to jump um on one of the shelves and knock shoes on you while you sleep.

Courtney said...

I absolutely love this!!!

plethorax said...


soirée enterrement vie de célibataire Paris said...

Vraiment original.

Kelly said...

Love the way you staggered the shelves.

Quick tip: wine bottles as boot shapers! Well shaped boots and wine...perfect combo :)

Anonymous said...

I found a link to this post on apartment therapy and I gotta say, this is GLORIOUS.

bodicegoddess said...

This is lovely!
I'm with you - why don't boots get more storage love?!

I might have to "borrow" this idea and put in some shelving next to my dresser once I finally move. Start showing off my cute shoes!