pancake house

(Ask me about last night's Mos Def / MF DOOM show and you will get an earful. Promise.)

My kitchen is a wreck, and there might be a pool of brown butter on the floor, but I am sated and pleased.
I have been thinking about polenta lately, and how absurdly delicious it is. That led to some searching for breakfast polenta options outside the normal poached eggs + polenta + cheese, which led to the polenta pancakes recipe from the Times. (I think this would be even better as waffles, but I was not about to procure a wafflemaker.)

I followed the Times recipe, and then topped the pancake stack with a dollop of plain greek yogurt and some slivered almonds that I spiced with chili oil and black pepper. As I ate these, I had a moment of glorious wonder where I asked myself "why do these taste so freakishly amazing?". I then looked over and saw that I'd bought salted butter, rather than unsalted, and that about half a stick of salted butter had been used to make my breakfast.

Yeah, that's why they were so good.

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