My "clothing, clothing everywhere, and not a thing to wear" wails led to me picking out a yawningly typical ensemble to wear out on Friday night.
In my defense, my Friday night plans involved a scavenger hunt with lots and lots of outdoor walking, so potential fantastical ensembles involving dresses and suede shoes were vetoed.

Tie-neck shell, Express; cardigan, Old Navy; jeans, Uniqlo;
doctor's bag, vintage; boots, Aerosoles; cuff watch, Marc Jacobs.

Black, black, skinny jeans, boots. Yes, I am fine with how it looks, but I am mostly itching for spring and the ability to wear my capes in lieu of a parka, and to wear dresses without two layers of tights underneath with a pair of thigh-high thick socks over the tights.

However, I love these boots so hard. Comfy, shiny, able to withstand the slushpiles that line my street, and I'm about 6'1" in them. Merci, Aerosoles. Merci.

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Jen said...

I am getting so tired of having to wear boots. I love my boots, but still. I want to wear ballet flats and pretty skirts and such. Spring needs to come soon.