pillow fight

CB2 wool/poly pillows: originally $40, down to $25 on sale.

Two yards of dark heather grey felted wool: $1.78
Two yards of light grey felted wool: $1.78
One yard dark purple felted wool: $.89
One yard mustard yellow felted wool: $.89
Four down-filled pillows bought from the thrift store: $12
Cost to wash the pillows: $3
Awesome friend with an early-twentieth century sewing machine: free, and profusely thanked.

(note: the heather grey is a blue-grey, not an amber-grey that the morning light
in this shot would have you believe. Thus: totally the same look as the CB2 pillow.)

Total cost to make four knockoffs of the ludicrously overpriced CB2 pillow: $20.34
Money saved, even from sale price: $79.66.
Things purchased with the $79.66: cocktails at The Violet Hour, falafel at Sultan's Market, birthday present for mom.

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