The best things about packing for a long weekend via car instead of via plane:

1) I scoff at your 3.4 oz. liquids-and-gels limit. (Two years ago, a TSA agent tried to take away my mascara, claiming it was a liquid. I nearly caused a breach of national security while defending my right to feathery lashes.)
2) I can pack four pairs of shoes for three days, and no one will roll their eyes at me when I have to check a bag due to my extravagant footwear needs.

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mrs.j said...

ugh, we're flying to california in may and greg is trying very hard not to check a bag.
we're going to be there a WEEK. tiny shampoos and beauty products will not work for a week. never mind the amount of lotion i can use in that amount of time.
i guess what i'm trying to say is: jealous.
(also, the word verification for this particular post is "porkings." love. it.