it is not cute when you use the wrong word

I can't believe I even have to clarify this, but I swear to god I heard a grown-ass adult refer to these:

sprinkles! or, if you're from Wisconsin and insist on being difficult, "jimmies"

... as "sparkles".

Sparkles are for drag queen lip gloss and homemade valentines and for teenage me to mix into hair gel to really rock the David Bowie look. (Yes, there are photos of that. I maintain that I looked awesome as a femme-Bowie, though.)

are sparkles.

Different, yes? One is edible and the natural topper for soft-serve, and one is made of metallic shreds that you really shouldn't chew on.

You're on your own with the silver dragees, though. I still insist on eating them, potential health hazards be damned.

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Chloe said...

Oh dear god, you're kidding me, I have overheard this as well a couple of times! Very irritating stuff. They are sprinkles!

Another pet hate of mine: when people call post-it's 'stickies'.

No. Just, no. What is wrong with the world?