lemon fresh scent

Earlier this week, I decided to take myself off the grid for a few days to actually get real-life things done after traveling for what was essentially three weeks of nonstop running around the eastern seaboard and the upper midwest.
(Yes, I noted this via Twitter. Shaddup.)

I should not even be online right now, but I wanted you all to know that one of those real-life tasks has broken down as follows:

go grocery shopping
find huge bin of Meyer lemons on sale for 99 cents/lb
buy something like six pounds of Meyer lemons
take microplane, zest all six pounds of lemons
freeze zest for future awesomeness
juice all six fucking pounds of lemons by hand, because I do not own a fancy automatic juicer

go grocery shopping again
buy a huge bag of limes
juice all limes by hand, again, noting reasoning above

mix lemon and lime juices
mix in simple syrup
create baddest-ass homemade sour mix known to man (2 parts simple syrup: 2 parts lemon juice: 1 part lime juice)
kiss a glass of bourbon with said sour mix

die happy.

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