Every time I think smugly to myself "ha! I've outgrown you, Urban Outfitters! I am no longer in the thrall of your overpriced offerings, which none of your sales staff can be bothered to locate in my size!", I get utterly taken in by something new, and whoops, I'm in the middle of a bunch of college sophomores, pawing through an Urban Outfitters bin and ignoring the too-loud store soundtrack.

Damn it.

But: so pretty! And so effective at causing me to question whether or not it is absurd that I am still checking out the Urban Outfitters catalogue!

bad. ass.

I am ridiculously devoted to cone heels.

If this strap is long enough to go cross-body, my need for a pretty, black, bike-worthy bag has just been met.

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Fit For A Femme said...

My opinion? Get the ring, dump the rest. The shoes already look worn and the bag will probably fall out of your favor after a week or two. But the ring? That ring will be a STAPLE. Do it!