hot hot heat

It is a gloriously sunny eighty-six degrees out right now, I have steak marinating in the fridge for afternoon grilling, and I have stocked my freezer with a fresh batch of Otter Pops. Memorial Weekend is in full swing.

Waterfall tank, Development by Erica Davies; tube bra, American Apparel;
pencil skirt, American Apparel; heels, Urban Outfitters.

"What to wear under this tank?" has vexed me for some time, so today I'm testing out the tube bra option at a friend's barbecue. Also, I realize, as I am biking to that barbecue across town, I will be testing out this bra's ability to not slide down my torso while I am on my bike. I apologize to Belmont Avenue in advance for the awkward shifting-around I may have to do.

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