Chandelier, round two!
This one is shorter than the first version, but it's denser with the glass balls. If I had more glass balls (say, seventy-five more) I'd create a center waterfall effect to help diffuse the light a bit better. The diffusion of light (or lack thereof) is my main beef with the lighting, still: I want a soft glow filtered through the curtain of glass balls, and it's still a little too intense, despite my low-wattage bulb replacements. I'll just have to stand in the corner and mutter to myself about the horrors of overhead lighting.


Amy said...

did you make that?! its so amazing!


hope thats ok, feel free to leave a link back.

nadarine said...

Thanks, Amy! Yup, I made it using lots and lots of dental floss, a whole bunch of clear glass xmas ornaments (95, I believe), and a wire wreath frame.
It's no Kalmar, but on a renter's limited redecorating ability, I'm pleased.