perfectly wonderful

(following the completely un-glam marital arts post: and now for something completely different!)

I went to The Hypocrites' production of Cabaret on tonight (and you, Chicagoans, should go too- it was fucking killergood): this was a Date With Myself, and yet I dressed up for it more than for any of my other dates this week. For sometimes, a girl just wants to put on red lipstick and go out by herself.

Trench, H&M; dress, Stop Staring; belt, vintage; bag, vintage; shoes, Kate Spade.

How wrongful is it that I had to wear a coat tonight (it's May, goddamnit!), eh?


Fit For A Femme said...

You are smashing the hot living HELL out of that dress, girl. Get it.

Jen said...

I LOVE the dress. Gorgeous.