in the navy

Do you know how many stores I had to go into today before I found popsicle molds? SIX, that's how many. And I paid far too much money for the popsicle molds, naturally, but by then I was exhausted and laden down with shopping bags from my errands, and I was ready to lie down and throw a tantrum in the aisle if I was not able to find my damn popsicle molds right then already.
Thankfully, no such toddler behavior was deemed necessary.

I'm off to Seattle for four days, where frozen treats are not a substitute for meals/air conditioning, but when I get back, I have seriously ambitious plans for fancy homemade freezer pops.

Worn today on those interminable errands:
Jersey sundress, Express; belt, J Crew; tote bag, Target; sandals, Aldo; scarf as headband, vintage;
sunglasses, no idea where I got these but I love them and their little orange crocodile case.


pattern recognition

Apparently my jewelry-lust triggers are:

slightly pointy
and awesome.

Yes, that encompasses every single thing that Badada makes. I need all of it all of if all of it.


rock candy

This is a $11 ring.

ELEVEN DOLLARS. Thank you, Marc Jacobs, for your endless diffusion lines.

The existence of such a thing might push me over the fence from "atheist" to "agnostic".



I am trying to break my Mexican take-out pattern.

This is a good start.

1 head each red and white cabbage
1 largeish carrot
1 lb. jicama
ponzu marinade (necessary? probably not, but I have a bottle of ponzu marinade in my fridge from the Japanese grocery, and why not use it here?)
apple cider vinegar

Clean and shred both heads of cabbage. Peel the carrot and shred as well. Cut up/shred the jicama. Toss all together with about a teaspoon of salt, a big glug of yuzu marinade, and two big glugs of apple cider vinegar.
Is this accurate or specific? No, but that's how I made it. Glug to taste, people.

Slow-cooked black beans:
black beans + water + liquid smoke. Put in crockpot, cook on low for like 12 hours. I don't know, I tend to wing it.

Spicy roasted pork:
4 lbs. or so of pork shoulder (I used bone-in), fat/skin removed as much as possible
1 can of chiles in adobo
four or five tomatillos

Put the can of chiles and the tomatillos in a food processor and blend up til it's mostly puréed. Pour this over the pork shoulder in a crock pot. Cook on the low setting for about 8-10 hours. Let sit overnight, and then shred with your fingers, or, if you're dainty, forks.

Layer slaw, black beans, and shredded pork, and top with avocado. Repent of your $7 takeout chorizo quesadilla habit.



Too few of the "wearing today" photos include the bike, hmm? Well, likely because what I wear to work is not exactly bike-friendly clothing, and though I have no qualms about riding around the city in a skirt that becomes just this side of obscene when worn to bicycle, it's probably not best to immortalize that for the internet.

But! It's Bike To Work Week (though every week is pretty much Bike To Work Week for me), and in commemoration, I wore clothing that might actually be considered practical for biking.

V-neck, Old Navy; circle skirt, Calvin Klein via the Lady of Lacquer;
peep-toe flats, Steve Madden; watch, Nine West; helmet, Trek.

Wear your helmets, friends. And yes, I am talking to you, ahem.

(Also: World Naked Bike Ride, Chicago edition! No, I was not there. And duh, "naked" = nsfw.)


vital information for your daily life

I learned something really important today:

You can make bloody mary slushies*.
Note: do not leave the pickle/olives/etc. in the bloody mary before you put it in the freezer, though, or you'll bite into frozen garnish, and that's just wrongful.

*Mix up your bloody mary- I like a dab of mustard in mine, along with sriracha and maybe some liquid smoke- and pop it into the freezer without any additional ice cubes. Leave it there for an hour or so to slush up, and then mix to a pleasantly even consistency using either a blender or a fork.


hell is...

... well, " hell is other people", if we're going for the theme of No Exit. But for me tonight, before heading off to see the show, hell is realizing that I can't actually button all the back buttons on this shirt without help. (It looks far better worn backwards with the shiny stuff as a making-one's-exit bonus than forwards where I could actually do up all the fastening, but it is highly impractical to do this without an extra set of hands.)

Sheer shirt, vintage Yves St. Laurent; jeans, Uniqlo; flats, Steve Madden; bracelet, Until There's A Cure.

two wheels good

Some rat bastard stole the light right off the front of my bike this week- ingrates! heathens! savages!- so I stopped by the new bike shop in my neighborhood today to replace it with something more powerful/eyeball-searing. Between Working Bikes, Boulevard Bikes, and aforementioned The Bike Lane, I think I'm well overdue for a new bike.

I am aware that my current bike, although well-loved and highly useful and in rather good shape, is a little ridiculous for everyday Chicago commuting, let alone the three-state bike ride I want to kick out sometime very soon. A) it's incredibly heavy, and thus, slow. B) it's a mountain bike frame. Silly. C) that frame really, really doesn't fit me.

And then thanks to Minnesota nostalgia and a particularly bad influence, I start perusing the Surly Bikes website and I fall straight in love with the Surly Pacer.

none of that fixed-gear/single-speed shit for me, thank you.
I am a snob about having gears, and will remain vocal about this til the end of my days.

Dammit. Why do you have to be $1175? Why can't you, like my current bike, be priced at "free"?
(Also, why must you taunt me by being under a 5 lb. frame, when I'm certain that sans tires and seat and everything, my current frame is more like 15 lbs.? Think how much faster I could go!)

I suppose now is when I make small steps toward compromising my new road bike dreams and call my parents to see if the old Schwinn road bikes from their pre-children years are still kicking around the basement, and if so, exactly what it would take to schlep them to Chicago for me. For safety and efficiency in transit, Mom, I swear!