Too few of the "wearing today" photos include the bike, hmm? Well, likely because what I wear to work is not exactly bike-friendly clothing, and though I have no qualms about riding around the city in a skirt that becomes just this side of obscene when worn to bicycle, it's probably not best to immortalize that for the internet.

But! It's Bike To Work Week (though every week is pretty much Bike To Work Week for me), and in commemoration, I wore clothing that might actually be considered practical for biking.

V-neck, Old Navy; circle skirt, Calvin Klein via the Lady of Lacquer;
peep-toe flats, Steve Madden; watch, Nine West; helmet, Trek.

Wear your helmets, friends. And yes, I am talking to you, ahem.

(Also: World Naked Bike Ride, Chicago edition! No, I was not there. And duh, "naked" = nsfw.)


TruculentandUnreliable said...

But they mess up mah hair!

TruculentandUnreliable said...

Also, what do you do for, you know, the stank? Or do I just sweat a lot?

nadarine said...

but splattering your pretty brain on the pavement will mess up your hair quite a bit more!

I keep a big tub of baby wipes in my desk and work and try to mitigate the sweat that way. I also don't sit in close proximity to any coworkers, so no one has complained yet. (oh, how I long for a shower at the office for this purpose!)