two wheels good

Some rat bastard stole the light right off the front of my bike this week- ingrates! heathens! savages!- so I stopped by the new bike shop in my neighborhood today to replace it with something more powerful/eyeball-searing. Between Working Bikes, Boulevard Bikes, and aforementioned The Bike Lane, I think I'm well overdue for a new bike.

I am aware that my current bike, although well-loved and highly useful and in rather good shape, is a little ridiculous for everyday Chicago commuting, let alone the three-state bike ride I want to kick out sometime very soon. A) it's incredibly heavy, and thus, slow. B) it's a mountain bike frame. Silly. C) that frame really, really doesn't fit me.

And then thanks to Minnesota nostalgia and a particularly bad influence, I start perusing the Surly Bikes website and I fall straight in love with the Surly Pacer.

none of that fixed-gear/single-speed shit for me, thank you.
I am a snob about having gears, and will remain vocal about this til the end of my days.

Dammit. Why do you have to be $1175? Why can't you, like my current bike, be priced at "free"?
(Also, why must you taunt me by being under a 5 lb. frame, when I'm certain that sans tires and seat and everything, my current frame is more like 15 lbs.? Think how much faster I could go!)

I suppose now is when I make small steps toward compromising my new road bike dreams and call my parents to see if the old Schwinn road bikes from their pre-children years are still kicking around the basement, and if so, exactly what it would take to schlep them to Chicago for me. For safety and efficiency in transit, Mom, I swear!

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