booze clues

Lesson learned: scotch freezes much less well than gin does. My first batch of scotchsicles turned out to be individual servings of scotch slush (tasty, but not the ideal way to drink Laphroaig); the second batch barely held onto the popsicle sticks and base before slushing up. I continue undaunted, however, in my quest for scotch-flavored popsicles!

This batch: per 1 cup of volume in popsicle molds, I used 4/5 of a cup of water, mixed with about a tablespoon of honey. This water base should eventually get tweaked to firm up the popsicles, but apparently a 4:1 ratio isn't quite it. I used 1/5 of a cup of scotch (the aforementioned Laphroaig, because I don't believe in cheap scotch).

I think a 5:1 ratio of honey water to scotch might be enough to create a solid popsicle, but I fear that it will still melt rather quickly into a puddle of slush. I need to get all scientific up in here to figure out the ideal ratio that allows both freezing and delicious booze flavor. (Helen? Guidance?)


helen said...

I'm not an expert in frozen booze (i should get on that though) but the higher the proof the worse the freeze will be. Honey also doesn't really freeze into a solid state (it's more like glass - it just gets asymptotically more viscous), so I'm guessing that doesn't help much either. Maybe go the julep flavoring route rather than the toddy? Mint + real sugar won't throw the wrench in that honey does.

nadarine said...

I had truly not considered the "honey does not freeze" aspect of all this. DUH. I think I'll use a 5:1 ratio of water to scotch, perhaps with a touch of lemon. I don't want to lose the flavor of the Laphroaig, so hopefully a 5:1 ratio will help the freeze along.

Zia Madeira said...

Please post if you perfect the recipe! This is the most intriguing idea ever... good scotch and popsicles - together at last!

Jade said...

i tried making these and theyw ouldnt freeze
i was probably doing it wrong though

M said...

scotch and honey?? let me try that right now. minus the freezing bit, i don't want to wait long!