cream of the crop

Bought at the Vintage Heaven pop-up* last weekend:

I keep thinking of this dress as the sort of thing that a really, really passive-aggressive mother-in-law would wear to a wedding. "But it's not white, dear! It's cream! I simply don't know why you are upset."

To take it from matronly territory into something less proper, I'm thinking of removing the sleeves. The neckline didn't photograph particularly well here (and yes, my head is all cut off- you're only missing my post-yoga sweaty face and ratty post-biking hair, I promise), but it's this gorgeous woven collar the entire way around. Should this happen? Or should I embrace the poofy sleeves?

*Although the Vintage Heaven pop-up yielded several treasures for me (and god bless sellers who take credit cards), there was a really super-unpleasant interaction I have to bitch about. I won't name the seller, because I am not quite that catty, but it went as such:
I picked up a really lovely floaty tunic top- well, ok, I'd probably wear it as a dress, too- from this seller's stand. It is a contemporary brand (so, not vintage at all, but I don't care, it's quite pretty), marked size M. In this particular brand, I happen to wear a M. However, I have some questions as to the sheerness of this piece, so I am going to try it on before dropping coin on it.
The seller scampers up to me and grabs the tunic: "Are you going to buy that? Because it's an XS." Me: "I'm going to try it on in the dressing room first. It's marked a size M." Her: "Well, it fits me, so it's an XS."
Me: "..." (thinking fuck off, you goddamn hag)
"I'm going to try it on."

I take that tunic into the dressing room with a half-dozen other things, and no, it doesn't fit perfectly. That doesn't bother me, or make me question my entire existence based on sizing- just means I won't buy it. No great loss- it was marked up quite a bit more than that particular brand should be, anyhow. I exit the dressing room with my pile of To Buy and the pile of Not Gonna Get, and what do you know, that seller is standing there ready to pounce: "It didn't fit you, did it."
Me: "No. I'm not getting it."
Her: "I told you it was an XS."

Seriously, lady, you can fuck right off. It's marked a size motherfucking Medium, and whether it fit or not is really none of your goddamn business. And by the way, don't mark up mall-brand clothes at 200%, you German-accented bitch.


mrs.j said...

i think the dress would be adorable without sleeves, but if you want to give them a shot you could also downplay the matronly quality by dying it a non-cream color (depending on the fabric)
if it were royal blue i would wear the hell out of it.

Isa said...

Haha, I feel you! I really apologize for that, if I were you I'd be pissed... But come back, we have different vendors all the time, most of them are cool. Oh and I'm absolutely aware this is none of my business, but I'd leave the sleeves. Perfect for fall, and you don't find that many fall dresses. And I don't think it's matronly at all, how about you cinch it with a belt or sash? We have lots of those there too... : ))

Vintage Heaven

nadarine said...

Thanks, Isa- I'm definitely coming back at the end of July for the next Vintage Heaven event! If I run into you there, I'll update you as to the Sleeve Status on this dress... I can't quite make up my mind on it.