This dress has completely become my go-to for that "must look hot for a first date but must not look as if I'm trying to look hot" look. Reasoning: a high-ish neckline is not desperately slutty; the fact that it's loose about the torso hides things like the huge pile of noodles I ate just before taking this photo on Saturday. It's also short enough to be rather like "yes, please do feel free to check me out", but not so much as to be screaming LOOK AT MY GAMS NOW AND MAKE SOME OBNOXIOUS WOLF-WHISTLE NOISES.

Anyway. Yes. I quite like this dress. And I think I need to buy it in grey, too. (50% off, you say, Penelope's? So if I buy four dresses, they are free, right?)

Dress, LAMade; bag, vintage ($5 at Vintage Heaven this weekend, woo!); heels, Urban Outfitters.

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