laid back

I am a goddamn genius.

This, friends, is a gin-and-lime popsicle, and I might not eat anything else today. My annoyingly involved errands from last week to find popsicle molds have yielded me a freezer full of treats, and my un-air-conditioned apartment just got a whole lot more awesome.

To make six popsicles in my molds, I used 3 parts lime juice- I used a frozen bag of lime pulp from the mexi-grocery with just a tiny bit of sugar mixed in- to one part gin. This came to about 18 oz. of lime juice, 6 oz. of gin, and a tablespoon of sugar. It's super-tart: definitely more like sucking on limes from your gin and tonic than it is a limeade. Oh, and it's pink because the gin in my freezer is bluberry-infused gin that's been sucking up blueberries for about a month and a half now.


Vasu said...

Holy SHIT. Amazing.

WendyB said...


I'm Revolting said...

now i'm scheming about how to sneak out of work early and go home and make these.